Being weird is a love language for me. Creating fun and unique visual art is even better. If you have a cool idea or concept that you want to collaborate on, let's chat! Boudoir is the foundation of Rogue but I THRIVE when I am challenged with a creative concept.

Often throughout the year, I get approached with or I come up with an idea/ technique to experiment with. These ideas and sessions help me avoid burn out and keep my creative tank full.

Not only is this a creative Wonderland for me, it is also a great way for me to work with other creatives/models that want to showcase their talent in an avant garde kind of way on their own platforms.

Creative Sessions start at $300 per hour

Total time can be built on and may be adjusted according to overall concept, supplies, location or fantasy hair and makeup inclusions. If you would like to include hair/makeup/or secondary location, there is a 2 hour minimum.

These sessions come with (10) Social Media Sized Digital Images per shooting hour selected by the Photographer, in return for a FULL MODEL RELEASE.

It kills me when I nail a creative session and can't share it so I do require a signed model release for these sessions!

You do not have to have a post session Reveal or order anything additional if you choose not to.