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Where are you located?

Our studio space is located in Houston, Tx just minutes away from Tomball and Vintage Park area. This is where you will come for your session and any in person pre session consultations appointments! I love meeting my potential clients face to face to demolish any first time nerves.

Where will my session take place?

Wherever you'd like!

You can choose to have your session in our private studio in either The Vault, The Solarium, or the Panic Room space. Or you can select another option!

Other options can include:

In Home: this is determined on a case by case basis but it is a very personal and intimate way to have your experience. If this is an option you would like to explore, we can set up a Zoom tour to determine if the space would work for your overall vision.

Fun/Flirty/Cosplay: There are a lot of really fun and unusual studio spaces for rent in the Houston area that would work great if you have an overall theme you would like to incorporate into your session (vintage, retro, cosplay, steampunk, etc). This could tinker into the realm of the creative sessions if you are wanting more creative Hair and Makeup. If you would like the traditional boudoir look but in a unique place, this would be a good addition!

Industrial/Urban Spaces: There are many industrial lofts in Houston available for rent that make for edgy boudoir sessions. If you have a garage, or industrial work space you would like to consider- that is an option as well!

Destination: We do travel! If you have a destination session in mind, send us an email and we can discuss the possible options!

*there are additional rental and/or travel fees that apply to on location sessions.

How old must I be to participate?

It is our policy that you must be at least 18 years of age. This is just the minimum age. We have celebrated women ranging from mid 20s to 70 years of life experience! This style of photography is meant to be all inclusive regardless of age, gender, or identity as a means to celebrate our ever changing bodies!

What is boudoir?

In fancy terms- it actually means a women's dressing room! In my terms? Well, it means showing up and showing off what a remarkable human you are! Life spins and flies by, oftentimes leaving us NO TIME to celebrate and treat ourselves. Yes, a boudoir session can absolutely be for the benefit of your partner and a wonderful gift to give them showing them what a BADASS they have in their life...however, my favorite part of a session is the spark that ignites within YOU FIRST. It is a full on CELEBRATION! Boudoir can celebrate many things in our lives. Most immediately thing of wedding gift or valentines day gift for our spouse. Which is an AWESOME gift but lawd help me, YOU deserve to see yourself front and center in a printed album TOO!

Celebrate life milestones and treat yourself to a keepsake that will forever bring back that feeling of empowerment when you look at the images. Celebrate body accomplishments! (this doesn't necessarily mean weight loss exclusively, see next FAQ). Celebrate FREEDOM.

Friend, boudoir is simply a means of reminding you who the f*ck you are.

Who is eligible for boudoir photography?

Are you 18? Do you have a body? YAY! Then You, my friend are the perfect candidate! We believe that EVERYONE should experience the empowering feeling that comes after a boudoir session with me! Boudoir is about celebrating your body, your life, or to bring back that badass that is hiding deep in the depths of that beautiful body!

What does it cost?

This full day boudoir experience has a session fee of $500. (Session retainer can be split in two payments of $250) This investment includes your glam hair and makeup package, refreshments, a private studio session with full posing and emotive coaching, access to unique and custom client accessories closet, pre session style consultation and prep guides to fully prepare you for your session, professional retouching of images, as well as a private online gallery where you will see and fall in love with your images for the first time.

The session fee does not include any Studio products or Digital images.
´╗┐Digital Collections start at $444.
Clients Spend an average of $1.5-3k on their total boudoir experience.

*Check out our full Investment menu using the link at the bottom of this page.

How can I afford this? Do you offer Payment Plans?

Yes it is! But investing in YOU is the best decision you can make! Especially when it is one you will remember for a lifetime. I truly truly believe that everyone should experience this at least once in their life. Everyone deserves to have a day dedicated to them and to leave freshly pampered and confident!

We do offer all of our clients flexible in house, interest free payment plans to ensure your experience is everything you want and that you leave with everything you could dream of! We also accept PayPal Credit as well if you would like more information on how to apply.

Are all the photographers women?

Yep! Actually, it's just me! I am with you every step of the way to encourage, guide and celebrate you during your session! you don't have to worry about any men on site as I shoot my sessions on a one on one system.

Do I have to wear Lingerie?

Friend, you can come wearing a damn t-rex costume and we will MAKE IT WERKKK!

In a serious matter, no absolutely not. Boudoir is about embracing what is authentically you. So if you are a sweater and bikini bottoms kind of person then we just add a little.. spice! Now, if you WANT to wear lingerie and step outside your normal a little bit (which I am ALL about going bold), I will be here to help with wardrobe advice and styling. The best shoots come from the best prepared wardrobe! For this reason, I have developed a comprehensive Wardrobe Guide complete with where to purchase your outfits if you would like to bring your own, OR I do have a growing Client Closet stocked with unique pieces sizes XS-5X.

I always recommend to my clients to bring at least 1 outfit they love and are comfortable in, a nude and/or black pair of underwear, and to purchase high waisted items as they are flattering on everybody!

Do I have to get naked?

I capture everything from fully covered bodies, implied nudity (which is clothing on but artistically covered to make it appear as if you are nude), as well as full nudity. Your comfort level will determine how revealing you would like your images to be. Prior to your session, you will be sent a questionnaire that has this question on it. Your answer will determine how your session will be! Once you get in the studio and start to feel more comfortable, you are always welcome to go bolder! I will never force anyone to do anything they are uncomfortable with, but I do love encouraging my clients to be more daring than they would normally are.

Are you going to share my images?

We know once you see your gorgeous images, you will want everyone to see what a badass you are! However, unless we have your written consent your images will forever remain private from any public forum. This can absolutely change, shall you decide you want to sign a release later on that will give us permission to share images of your comfort level.

If I don't want Hair and Makeup, do I get a discount?

This is a part of the experience that you DON'T want to skip out on, however, I do understand if you are more of a natural kind of person/ Our hair and makeup team is wonderful at bringing out the natural beauty in all of our clients without it being too much. Great hair and makeup application is a crucial part of not only feeling amazing the day of your session (hello, who doesn't love being pampered by others while sipping on some pre session beverages?), but it also makes a huge difference in your image quality as we aren't needing to fix eyeshadow fall out and flyaways during the editing of your images. We do not discount the session fee if you decide to opt out of this service.

How do I book a session?


At the top of the page you will see the "Book your Experience" tab (also available at the bottom of this page). Click here and then fill out the inquiry form. Following your inquiry, you will receive an email response from myself based on what information you have provided. If you decide to move forward with securing your date, you will be sent a Session Guide and questionnaire to determine what kind of session you would like to have. Following your completion and confirmation, your Contract and Invoice will be sent and needs to be completed within 48 hours in order to reserve your selected date! We can not and will not move forward with your session without a completed contract and paid invoice.