Welcome to The Faux Haus Studios

Home to Rogue Boudoir Tx, Available to any and all Bad Ass Photographers/Content Creators


A creative space where Photographers, Content Creators, and Brands can capture magical and mystical moments.

Wonders and Wilderness

The Solarium

Inspired by conservatories, mystics, and overgrown mother earth- this ever evolving space is filled with antiques, thrift fines, handcrafted accessories, and everything your worldly dreams are made of. Every time you shoot in here, you can expect to see more and more "growth". Welcome to the Rabbit Hole.

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for the moody with a booty

The Vault

Inspired by curiosities and mischief, this moody yet magical space has a variety of nooks filled with thrifted pieces and natural lighting to give you a variety of incredible images. Complete with a gold leaf accent wall with custom neon, floating candles, and soft and silky bed with variety of satin sheets to enhance a sensual and luxurious setting. Later in the afternoon when the sun hits just right you can see rainbows dance across the floor.

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The Panic! Room

The Panic Room: If Daisy Buchanan were a modern day maximalist, this would be her suite! Moody, sensual yet fun, and vibrant. This space has so many fun and quirky aspects! You'll find a new favorite nook each time you visit this space. Adorned with unique textures, ambient lighting, and textiles- you'll never want to leave!

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