oh, hi there!

By birth I am named Gina, some friends call me G.

I happen to be the creative mastermind behind Rogue Boudoir Tx and Faux Haus Studios!

My studio is located in Houston just minutes away from Tomball/Cypress area and has been an ongoing creative project for me since August 2022. Every room in the studio has been carefully crafted and designed by yours truly based on things that I love, inspiration that I have picked up along the way, and what I would have loved to see in previous sessions and spaces I have rented from.

A little bit about myself... I am full of Witt, and love to joke around. I have fully embraced the title of a badass boudoir photographer and no bullshit empowerment coach with a love for the finer things in life...like tacos, an over abundance of blankets, the adventures of Wonderland and great throwback Spotify playlists. Oh, and can't forget the rescue pets to which I convince my husband I "found" on the side of the road. I am also a mom of two heathens whom I love dearly even when I am overly touched out and stimulated, they are a huge reason I continue to be in the industry I am in. I desire to break the generational curse that brought me body issues at a young age and feelings that I was always being judged on my appearance no matter what I thought of myself personally. So here I am, helping to be a part of the healing process for others that have gone through something similar (and yes, boudoir can absolutely help IF approached the correct way and with a lot of patience for your clients).

I also have a curiosity for all things unique, miniature, or covered in questionable glitter, gold and unicorn fairy dust. I thrive in creative environments and am known to bring out the inner authentic badass in all of my clients. I love celebrating and capturing the unique bodies and personalities of all of my clients. It keeps my fiery soul burning and those around me warm.

So, if you are looking for a fearless photographer who isn't afraid to take creative risks, loves trying new concepts, will undoubtably make you laugh, willing to travel to the unknown, and will make you feel as comfortable as fuzzy socks on a cold winters night- I'm your peanut butter.

Let's get ready to jam.

Xoxo, Gina